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Industrial uses and applications of argon2021-06-23

Argon is an inert gas and has no direct harm to the human body. However, after industrial use, the exhaust gas produced is very harmful to the human body, causing silicosis and eye damage. Although it is an inert gas, it is also a suffocating gas. In

Precautions for the safe use of acetylene bottles2021-06-23

Acetylene, molecular formula C2H2, commonly known as wind coal or calcium carbide gas, is the smallest member of alkyne compounds and is mainly used for industrial purposes, especially for welding metals. Acetylene is a colorless and extremely flamma

The use of nitrogen How to prepare nitrogen2021-06-23

Nitrogen can be used to make ammonia, nitric acid, nitrate, cyanide, etc.; in the manufacture of explosives; filling high-temperature thermometers, incandescent bulbs; forming inert materials to preserve materials, used in drying boxes or glove bags.
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