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Precautions for the safe use of acetylene bottles

Release time: 2021-06-23 11:09:38
Source: Yuejia Gas
Author: Xiaoyue
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Acetylene, molecular formula C2H2, commonly known as wind coal or calcium carbide gas, is the smallest member of alkyne compounds and is mainly used for industrial purposes, especially for welding metals. Acetylene is a colorless and extremely flammable gas at room temperature. Pure acetylene is odorless, but industrial acetylene has the smell of garlic because it contains impurities such as hydrogen sulfide and phosphine.

Safety regulations for the use of acetylene bottles


1、Acetylene cylinders should be equipped with special flashback preventers and pressure reducers. For those that are not fixed in the work place and move more, they should be installed on a special car.

2、It is strictly forbidden to knock, collide and apply strong vibrations, so as to prevent the porous filler in the bottle from sinking and forming a cavity, which will affect the storage of acetylene.

3、The acetylene bottle should be placed upright, and it is strictly forbidden to use it lying down. Dandong Tianmao Gas reminds you that the acetone in the bottle will flow out with acetylene due to lying down use, and it will even flow into the rafter tube through the pressure reducer, which is very dangerous.

4、Use a special wrench to open the acetylene gas cylinder. When opening the acetylene bottle, the operator should stand behind the side of the valve port and act gently. It is strictly forbidden to use up the gas in the bottle. 0, 1~0, 2Mpa should be kept in winter, and 0, 3Mpa should be kept in summer. Leave a residual pressure of at least 0.05MPa.

5、The working pressure should not exceed 0.15Mpa, and the gas transmission speed should not exceed 1.5~2 cubic meters (m3)/hour. bottle.

6、The temperature of the acetylene bottle should not exceed 40°C, and it should be prevented from being exposed to the sun in summer. Because the temperature in the bottle is too high, the solubility of acetone to acetylene will be reduced, and the pressure of acetylene in the bottle will increase sharply.

7、The acetylene bottle should not be near heat sources and electrical equipment. The distance from the open flame is generally not less than 10m (when working at height, it should be calculated according to the distance between two points at the vertical ground).

8、The bottle valve freezes in winter and it is strictly forbidden to use fire. If necessary, use heat below 40℃ to thaw

9、The connection between the acetylene pressure reducer and the bottle valve must be reliable. It is strictly forbidden to use it in case of air leakage. Otherwise, a mixture of acetylene and air will be formed, which will explode once it touches an open flame.

10、It is strictly prohibited to be used in places with poor ventilation and radiation, and not to be placed on insulating materials such as rubber. The acetylene cylinder used during use should be kept away from open flames, kept at least 10m, and the distance from the oxygen cylinder should be at least 5m.

11、If a gas cylinder is found to be defective, the operator shall not repair it without authorization, and shall notify the safety supervisor to send it back to the gas plant for processing.


1. At the site where acetylene bottles are used, the storage volume shall not exceed 5 bottles; if there are more than 5 bottles and no more than 20 bottles, a separate storage room with non-combustible or flame-retardant materials and walls should be used on site or in the workshop, with one side External wall; if there are more than 20 bottles, an acetylene bottle warehouse should be set up; an acetylene bottle warehouse with a storage capacity of no more than 40 bottles can be built adjacent to the production plant with a fire resistance class of not lower than two. The adjacent wall should be without doors, windows and The refractory wall of the hole is forbidden to pass through any pipelines. 2. The distance between the storage room and the open flame or the place where sparks are emitted shall not be less than 15 meters, and shall not be located in the basement or semi-basement. 3. The storage room should have good ventilation and cooling facilities, avoid direct sunlight, and ensure unobstructed transportation roads. Fire hydrants and dry powder or carbon dioxide fire extinguishers should be installed nearby (the use of tetrachloride fire extinguishers is strictly prohibited).


1、When hoisting and transporting, special fixtures and shock-proof transport vehicles should be used. Electromagnetic cranes and chain ropes for hoisting and transporting are strictly prohibited.

2、It should be handled with care, and it is strictly forbidden to throw, roll, slip or touch.

3、Cars and ships should be properly secured. When discharging the acetylene bottle in the vehicle, the head should face one side and not exceed the height of the car box; when the car is discharged upright, the height of the car box should not be lower than two-thirds of the bottle height.

4、Shade facilities should be provided in summer to prevent exposure, and transportation during the day should be avoided in hot weather.

5、Pyrotechnics are prohibited on the vehicle, and dry powder or carbon dioxide fire extinguishers should be provided (carbon tetrachloride fire extinguishers are strictly prohibited).。

6、It is strictly forbidden to transport it with chlorine cylinders and flammable materials in the same vehicle.

7、Strictly abide by the dangerous goods transportation regulations and related regulations promulgated by the traffic and public security departments.

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