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The working principle of nitrogen generator

Release time: 2021-06-23 11:09:38
Source: Yigas
Author: Xiaoyue
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The nitrogen generator is an advanced gas separation technology. It uses high-quality imported carbon molecular sieve (CMS) as the adsorbent, and uses the pressure swing adsorption principle (PSA) at room temperature to separate air to produce high-purity nitrogen. Its main application areas are: aerospace, nuclear power, nuclear energy, food and medicine, petrochemical industry, electronics industry, materials industry, national defense and military industry, and scientific experiments.
Nitrogen production by electrochemical method (need "adding liquid"):

A generator that uses electrochemical nitrogen production can produce pure nitrogen, oxygen and other gases. It uses a constant potential electrolysis method, using a microporous membrane (such as asbestos membrane) as the separator between the two electrodes, the porous gas diffusion oxygen electrode as the cathode, the nickel mesh as the anode, and the electrode installation adopts a hard support structure. The generator can work stably under the pressure difference between the nitrogen and oxygen chambers (1MPa), which can avoid the precipitation of hydrogen at the cathode and ensure the purity of the gas produced. The specific method for preparing nitrogen is to feed air into an electrolytic cell with electrolyte, and apply a direct current with a voltage of ≤1.5V between the two electrodes. At this time, the oxygen in the air in the cell is absorbed to obtain nitrogen. The electrolyte adopts the "forced circulation method", and the electromagnetic pump drives the electrolyte to circulate in the liquid path, which improves the efficiency of electrolysis.

This method can produce up to 99.995% of nitrogen, but it has several obvious drawbacks: First, it needs to use a high-concentration potassium hydroxide solution as the electrolyte. Potential impact, and the possibility of output with the gas circuit; second, the unit cost is high, not suitable for large-flow nitrogen generators; third, the reaction process only removes oxygen in the air, and other impurity gases are not involved, and The reaction process requires very high electrolytic cell manufacturing technology, and improper electrolytic cell manufacturing technology will result in an order of magnitude reduction in the purity of nitrogen. However, this type of nitrogen generator, as a source of low-flow nitrogen, is often used for chromatographic carrier gas and small-capacity protection. The total cost is only a few thousand yuan, and it is a low-cost solution.

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