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YIGAS is harmonious and warm

Leaders are like brothers and sisters, frank and humorous; colleagues are like brothers and sisters, honest and straightforward. At the meeting, there is a burst of laughter; at the banquet, it is fun; we will never forget that the leaders of YIGAS took the lead to generously donate to the employees who have difficulties in life; we cannot forget that YIGAS paid high medical expenses for the seriously ill employees. With mutual trust, honesty and magnanimity, YIGAS is the oasis in our hearts.

YIGAS is pragmatic and enterprising

For YIGAS’s dream, for the mission of the team, and for personal development, the beautiful Cantonese from all over the world have left their warm homeland and small home; some still stick to their posts on the first day of the new year; some travel most of them with their bags on their backs. China. We gathered under the banner of YIGAS with firm footsteps, and walked across the land of China with confident steps. YIGAS is our dear big family.
pg电子游戏试玩(中国游)官方网站 Core values

Safety first

Safety first: Prevention is the first "Prevent trouble before it happens", eliminate all problems and factors that may cause accidents before the accident; promote production safety, ensure the life safety and physical health of employees, and promote production at the same time development of.

Customer oriented

Only when customers succeed can we succeed. We must serve each customer with our heart. We must truly understand the needs of our customers and help them with high-quality services and professional solutions.

Safety first

Integrity is the foundation of a business. For company employees, it is more important to promote the good style of honesty and trustworthiness. They must do what they say, keep their promises, communicate effectively, work sincerely, and achieve a win-win situation.


It is responsibility, dedication, and attitude. The work attitude determines the execution ability, and the difference in the work attitude determines the different results.

Mutual respect

Mutual respect: We need to respect each other with customers, and employees and employees, superiors and subordinates also need to respect each other to achieve a win-win situation.

Open and enterprising

Open, you can boldly refer to the good of others, learn from others, and be self-critical will you have more ideas and innovations; enterprising, seeing the good of others will produce a sense of crisis, inspire and motivate employees, improve performance, and make Employees continue to learn and improve their self-worth.

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