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Causes of cylinder explosion

Release time: 2021-06-23 11:09:38
Source: Yigas
Author: Xiaoyue
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The use and storage of gas cylinders must meet the requirements, otherwise it will easily cause certain safety hazards. Common gas cylinders are high-pressure gas cylinders. When full of gas, the pressure inside the gas cylinder is very high, usually a dozen. Atmospheric pressure, so you need to pay attention. 。

1、Due to the effects of sunlight, open flames, and thermal radiation during storage and use, the gas in the bottle is heated, and the pressure increases sharply until it exceeds the strength of the gas cylinder material, causing the gas cylinder to permanently deform or even explode.

2、Because the cylinder is not wearing a cap during transportation, the bottle valve is lifted by hand, or the thread on the valve body is damaged, the bottle valve may be rushed out of the bottleneck by the pressure in the bottle.

3、Due to the explosion of a gas cylinder falling or hitting a hard object during transportation or storage, it can also explode in a cold state.

4、The accessories of the oxygen cylinder or the valve of the bottle are soiled by grease, and the oil fingers rapidly oxidize and burn and explode.

5、The structure, process and materials of the manufactured gas cylinders did not meet the safety requirements, resulting in insufficient strength of the gas cylinders and explosion.

6、Oxygen cylinders or flammable or explosive gas cylinders are not identified during filling or are not strictly cleaned after identification, resulting in an explosion due to combustion and explosion of mixed gas.

7、Technical inspections were not carried out periodically, and explosions were caused due to corrosion, thinning, and cracks on the bottle wall.

8、Overfill. In particular, the liquefied gas is not filled according to the regulations, and the pressure rises sharply after being heated or subjected to shocks during transportation and explodes.

9、The filling speed is too fast. Air friction causes excessive heat and burns and explodes.

10、The deflation speed of the flammable combustion-supporting gas cylinder is too fast, and it is easy to generate static sparks at the valve, causing combustion and explosion.

11、The pressure of the inflation gas source exceeds the maximum allowable pressure of the gas cylinder, and the gas cylinder will explode under overpressure if there is no pressure reducing device or the pressure reducing device fails.

12、The liquid chlorine cylinder is filled with water or other liquid media, and after filling the liquid chlorine, hypochlorous acid or hydrochloric acid is synthesized, resulting in high temperature and explosion.

According to the above summary, in order to safely fill and distribute gas, relevant staff should strictly follow the filling requirements to reduce accidents. But don't worry too much, as long as it is used normally, there is no problem and it is still very safe.
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