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Application areas of carbon monoxide

Release time: 2021-06-23 11:09:38
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What are the application areas of carbon monoxide? The application areas of carbon monoxide include applications in the chemical industry and metal smelting. In addition, carbon monoxide can also be used as fuel and so on. In addition, carbon monoxide can also be used for preservation.

The carbon monoxide molecule is an unsaturated metastable molecule that is chemically stable in terms of decomposition. At room temperature, carbon monoxide does not react with acids, alkalis, etc., but it can form explosive mixtures when mixed with air. It can cause combustion and explosion when exposed to open flames and high temperatures. It is a flammable and explosive gas. Because the valence of the carbon element in the carbon monoxide molecule is +2, it can be oxidized to +4 valence, which is reductive; and it can be reduced to a low valence state, which is oxidizing.

chemical industry

In the chemical industry, carbon monoxide is the basis of one-carbon chemistry. As the main component of synthesis gas and various types of coal gas, carbon monoxide is an important raw material for the synthesis of a series of basic organic chemical products and intermediates. Starting from carbon monoxide, almost all basic chemicals, such as ammonia, phosgene, alcohol, Acids, anhydrides, esters, aldehydes, ethers, amines, alkanes and alkenes, etc. At the same time, by using the properties of carbon monoxide and transition metals to generate metal carbonyl or metal carbonyl derivatives, various homogeneous reaction catalysts required for organic chemical production can be prepared. In addition, carbon monoxide can be used as a terminator in the polymerization of polyethylene.

Metallurgical Industry

In the metallurgical industry, using the thermal decomposition reaction of carbonyl metal, carbon monoxide can be used to extract high-purity nickel from raw ore, and it can also be used to obtain high-purity powder metal (such as zinc white pigment) and produce certain high-purity metal films (such as tungsten films). And molybdenum film, etc.). At the same time, carbon monoxide can be used as a reducing agent for refining metals[2], such as reducing iron oxides in steelmaking blast furnaces (see "Physical and Chemical Properties·Chemical Properties" for the equation); and in the production of polycrystalline diamond films , Then research grade carbon monoxide (≥99.99%) can be used to provide carbon source for chemical vapor deposition process. In addition, a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen (syngas) can be used to produce some special steels, such as direct reduction of iron ore to produce sponge iron.
other aspects

In addition to two applications in the chemical industry and metallurgical industry, carbon monoxide can also be used as fuel, and high-purity carbon monoxide is mainly used as a standard gas, carbon monoxide laser, environmental monitoring and scientific research. Among them, the carbon monoxide standard gas can be used in the calibration and detection of petrochemical process control instruments, the quality control of petrochemical products, the detection of environmental pollutants, the detection of automobile exhaust emissions, the calibration of mine alarms, the detection of various factory exhaust, and medical treatment. Instrument calibration, power system transformer oil quality inspection, air separation product quality control, traffic safety inspection instrument calibration, geological prospecting and seismic monitoring, metallurgical analysis, gas appliance experiment and calorific value analysis, chemical fertilizer industry instrument calibration, etc.

In addition, carbon monoxide is often used to preserve the freshness of fish, meat, fruits and vegetables, and bagged rice, especially sashimi. It is also used as a color fixative because it can make the flesh color ruddy.
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