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The role of adding nitrogen to the reflow oven Advantages and disadvantages of nitrogen reflow soldering2021-06-23

What is the role of nitrogen in the reflow oven? The main effect of adding nitrogen (N2) to the SMT reflow furnace is to reduce the oxidation of the welding surface and improve the wettability of the welding. Because nitrogen is a kind of inert gas,

Oxygen Isotope-Oxygen 18 Use of Oxygen2021-06-23

Oxygen 18 is the use of oxygen. In drug research, oxygen is an essential element in the structure of most drugs. In metabolism research, oxygen-18 is usually used instead of ordinary oxygen for isotope tracing, which can sensitively, accurately and q

The rapid development of special electronic gases such as nitrogen trifluoride-Yuejia Gas2021-06-23

In recent years, "Made in China 2025", "Thirteenth Five-Year" National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan, "Notice on Corporate Income Tax Policy Issues for Integrated Circuit Manufacturers" and other policy support, my country's VLSI, LCD
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