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Advantages of using high pressure air for laser cutting machine

Release time: 2021-06-23 11:09:38
Source: Yigas
Author: Xiaoyue
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It is well-known that the laser cutting machine must use auxiliary gas to process metal. The more widely used auxiliary gases are nitrogen, oxygen and air. Air is the most economical gas and only requires an air compressor. It will be able to continuously input air.
The principle of laser cutting machine air cutting:
The laser cutting machine must use protective gas during processing. Air is of course a simple and economical protective gas. The function of the air compressor is to compress a part of the air (high-pressure air) and high-purity oxygen and high-purity nitrogen to form the cutting gas. For the cutting head, part of it is used as the power source to supply the cylinder of the clamping table, and then part of it is used to purge the light path system to remove dust. The compressed air discharged from the air enters the air control cabinet through the air storage tank and the dryer. Through a sophisticated processing system, it becomes clean and dry gas, which is finally divided into three paths, which are respectively used as cutting gas, cylinder power source and light path positive pressure dust removal gas to maintain the normal operation of the laser cutting machine, so the air compressor is each Laser cutting equipment is indispensable, and it is also very important for laser cutting machines.
Analysis of the effect of laser cutting machine using different gas cutting:
1、Air; it can be provided directly by an air compressor, so the price is very cheap compared with other gases. Although the air contains about 20% oxygen, the cutting efficiency is far less than that of oxygen, and the cutting ability is similar to that of nitrogen. A small amount of oxide film will appear on the cut surface, but it can be used as a measure to prevent the coating layer from falling off. The end face of the incision is yellowed.
The main applicable materials are aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless copper, brass, electroplated steel plate, non-metal and so on.
2、Nitrogen ;Some metals use oxygen to form an oxide film on the cutting surface when cutting, and nitrogen can be used to prevent oxidation film from appearing in oxidation-free cutting. The non-oxidized cutting surface has the characteristics of direct welding and painting, and strong corrosion resistance. The end face of the incision is whitish.
The main applicable plates are stainless steel, electroplated steel plate, brass, aluminum, aluminum alloy, etc.
3、oxygen ;Mainly used for laser cutting machine to cut carbon steel. While the oxygen reaction heat is used to increase the cutting efficiency in a large format, the generated oxide film will increase the beam spectrum absorption factor of the reflective material. The cut end is black or dark yellow.
Mainly suitable for rolled steel, rolled steel for welding structure, carbon steel for mechanical structure, high tension plate, tool plate, stainless steel, electroplated steel plate, copper, copper alloy, etc.
The laser cutting machine uses air cutting, and the air compressor is a very important auxiliary equipment. Of course, although air cutting is cost-free, the maintenance of the air compressor must be paid attention to, which directly affects the purity of the air and the air pressure. It will also affect the overall cutting quality.
Below we will share with you the maintenance steps of the air compressor:
1、Air filter element. Under normal circumstances, the dust and impurities on the surface of the air filter element should be removed every 500 hours, and check whether it needs to be replaced every 2000 hours. The inspection or replacement cycle can be extended or shortened according to the dust content.
2、Inlet valve seal. The air compressor of the laser cutting machine should be checked every 4000 hours of operation, and the sealing ring should be replaced if necessary.
3、Compressor lubricant. It is necessary to check whether the lubricating oil is sufficient every 1000 hours, and replace the new oil every 4000 hours.
4、Oil filter. New parts should be replaced every 2000 hours.
5、Oil vapor separator. New parts need to be replaced every 4000 hours.
6、Minimum pressure valve. Clean it every 4000 hours and check whether the opening pressure is normal.
7、Safety valve. Every 4000 hours check whether its movements are sensitive.
8、Drain valve. Moisture and dirt are discharged every 2000 hours.
9、Transmission belt. Adjust the tightness every 2000 hours, check the wear and tear every 4000 hours, and decide whether to replace it according to the wear and tear.
10、Motor maintenance. Perform maintenance according to the motor operating instructions. In order to make the air compressor of the laser cutting machine operate normally and reliably, and to ensure the service life of the unit, a detailed maintenance plan must be formulated, and manned operations, regular maintenance, and regular inspection and maintenance must be carried out to keep the air compressor unit clean and oil-free. , No dirt
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