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Electron gas

Electronic gas refers to the gas used in the production of electronic semiconductor industry. As one of the indispensable basic raw materials in the production of electronic industries such as integrated circuits, liquid crystal panels, compound semiconductor devices, solar cells, and optical fibers, it is called the "food" and "source of semiconductor materials. Electronic characteristics are the key to the electronics industry." Raw materials belong to an important branch of special gases. The electronic semiconductor field is one of the important subdivision application fields of special gases in China. The sales of domestic special gases in the electronic semiconductor field have exceeded 40% of the annual sales of special gases.

Electronic gas is a kind of industrial gas with higher added value. The difference from traditional industrial gas is higher purity (such as high purity gas) or special purpose (such as participating in chemical reactions). At present, it is used in all aspects of the semiconductor industry. There are more than 110 kinds of special gases, of which 20-30 kinds are commonly used. In 2019, the global electronic gas market is about 46.2 billion yuan, and the growth rate is expected to be about 7% in the next three years; China's electronic gas market is about 10.2 billion yuan, and the trend of import substitution is obvious, and it is gradually evolving to the high-end. The speed will exceed 15%.

At present, the localized substitution trend of electronic gas is very obvious. Made in China 2025, China's manufacturing industry will accelerate its transformation and upgrading! Under the vigorous promotion of policies, the development of domestic chips has accelerated, and the chip industry has a lot of room for domestic substitution. China's chip self-sufficiency rate will reach 70% by 2025.

YIGAS Group will build the largest platform-based supply center for advanced electronic materials (electronic gases and chemicals) in the Greater Bay Area, with standardized management and long-term development! Based in the Greater Bay Area, serving the Chinese market and looking at the global market!
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Electron gas
Electronic Specialty Gas

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