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Guangzhou Shengying Gas Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Shengying Gas Co., Ltd. is a large-scale private enterprise specializing in the development and production of various gases. It is a large-scale industrial gas manufacturer in Guangzhou and the country's largest nitrous oxide manufacturer. The company has a flexible system and standardized management. The company's production base is located in Zengcheng, Guangzhou, next to the S256 provincial highway, with convenient transportation and direct access to Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Shaoguan, Qingyuan and other parts of the country.
Guangzhou Shengying Gas Co., Ltd. has a total investment of nearly 100 million yuan, and the company's production base covers an area of approximately 150 acres. In early 2004, on the basis of the original production scale, the company analyzed market demand and according to the actual needs of domestic and foreign users for laughing gas, invested a huge amount of money, adopted the current international advanced laughing gas synthesis, purification, explosion-proof technology and production equipment to build domestic The largest nitrous oxide (nitrous oxide) production line. The investment is based on a high starting point, high quality, high efficiency, and high integrity, and the products are oriented to the national and international markets.
Guangzhou Shengying Gas Co., Ltd. has strong product distribution capabilities. We have a professional automobile transportation team dedicated to the safe and timely transportation of various gas products for customers. The company has various professional and technical personnel, and has hired a number of expert consultants engaged in gas production research, forming a professional technical team. With the technology and ability to develop high-tech gas products, it can be tailor-made for customers, and can provide various specifications and varieties of gas containers and gas accessories. The company takes science and technology as the primary productive force and has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. Providing customers with high-quality and competitive gas products is our service tenet; considerate and punctual service and complete distribution are our service principles.

The various gas products (gas types) produced and operated by Guangzhou Shengying Gas Co., Ltd. are: liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon and oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, helium, acetylene, laughing gas, ammonia, neon Gas, krypton, xenon, carbon dioxide, compressed air and various mixtures, standard gas and medical gas, etc., and newly increase the electronics industry gas (such as: silane, phosphorane, arsine, etc.) business.

  • Address: Labu Jingu Industrial Zone, Xiaolou Town, Zengcheng City, Guangzhou,Guangdong Province,China.
  • Tel: 400-637-7517
  • Phone: 139-2320-4047(Lollan zhou,VP,Oversea Business)
  • Fax: 020-8279-7482
  • Mail:
  • 400-637-7517
    Address:Dawanggang Industrial Zone, Xizhou, Xintang Town, Zengcheng, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
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