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Guangdong Liansheng Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Liansheng Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established by Qingyuan Liansheng Air Liquefaction Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Yigas Co., Ltd. and Heyuan Huilian Gas Co., Ltd. Three gas companies, specializing in providing centralized supply of small storage tanks for customers in the Pearl River Delta region Gas business. The centralized gas supply program can improve safety, quality and productivity for welding/cutting industries. The innovative corporate culture, perfect management system, and contribution and protection to environmental safety are widely recognized by customers.
The centralized gas supply program has the following characteristics: use the most reasonable price-optimize user profits; use the most scientific method-maximize production efficiency; use appropriate management methods-humanize service quality
Supply service: more advanced welding/cutting gas supply system; simpler and more convenient gas supply scheme than steel cylinders and dewars; stable and reliable gas purity to obtain higher quality welding results; continuous uninterrupted gas supply improves welding efficiency .

The advantages of the process improvement of the gas supply mode: by increasing the volume of the container, the problem of frequent replacement of equipment with gas is solved, the waste of human resources is reduced, and the storage space of gas packaging materials is saved; by using liquid gas to directly vaporize and mix, And continuous supply improves the quality of gas products; adopts a centralized gas supply mode to change the gas supply from high-pressure steel cylinders to low-pressure liquid storage containers, which reduces the safety hazards of gas use; reduces intermediate links such as repeated filling, collection and transportation of steel cylinders. Reduce the customer's gas cost; single-program gas supply, to avoid the disadvantages of insufficient use of residual gas in the gas supply mode of steel cylinders and dewars.

  • Address: Room 117, No. 82 Baoying Avenue, Huangpu District, Guangzhou,Guangdong Province,China.
  • Tel: 400-637-7517
  • Phone: 139-2320-4047(Lollan zhou,VP,Oversea Business)
  • Fax: 020-8279-7482
  • Mail:
  • 400-637-7517
    Address:Dawanggang Industrial Zone, Xizhou, Xintang Town, Zengcheng, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
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